What Dreams May Come?

Published: 03/11/2023 By Allan Fuller

A light installation called ‘What Dreams May Come?’ is to be placed at Putney Wharf from 27 October to 12 November. 

Between 5pm and 10pm the 2.5 metre tall pyramid will be switched on to give a light display.

The sculpture, designed by Gervase Clifton-Bligh and built by G23LAB, has previously been placed in front of Battersea Power station.

The proportions are based on the Pyramid of Chephren in Giza and the structure is meant to represent a laser powered spaceship. It is also intended to resemble an Apollo mission re-entry capsule.

The pyramid during the daytime 
The pyramid during the daytime. 

The frosted acrylic skin of the upper part of the pyramid is illuminated from the inside by lasers using hand made optics which create ever changing patterns. The display is powered by solar batteries that are incorporated into the work.