What did you ask?

Published: 02/04/2020 By Allan Fuller

What did you ask? 
A recent survey has revealed a wide variety of questions that buyers pose when viewing property. This was carried out by Hillarys.co.uk who gathered evidence from more than 1,500 UK home owners as well as over 50 estate agents.
76% said they viewed twice before making an offer. This we found interesting because we certainly find that the vast majority will have second, and quite often third viewings before deciding to offer. Quite often the first viewing is just one person, followed by one with partner, husband, wife, or very often first time buyers with a parent if they are helping with the funds.
Sensibly 42% ask if any local plans will affect the area, 33% ask what the lowest price is the owners will take. As if we would tell! We have to point out that the owner is our client and out job and duty is to get them the best price. 21% ask how motivated the owner is and if the sale is subject to them buying another property. 

The we get to the more unusual/amusing. 14% apparently ask if pets/plants come with the house. Plants we can get, because sometimes vendors will list that they are taking a favourite perhaps it was sentimental because it was given by Great Aunt Matilda. We have certainly known of a cat staying especially if the owner is moving overseas. 

9% ask if they are allowed to paint the exterior, what do they have in mind, pink with blue spots perhaps?
Then two questions that can relay worry people, and perhaps not disconnected, 18% ask if someone died in the house, 14% ask if there is a ghost….lastly 4% ask for a sleepover before they buy! They presumably want confirmation about the ghost, the survey does not reveal if they saw one, or if they bought or not if they did! One question that did not seem to come up was, are there any pets buried in the garden. Could be a shock to a new owner discovering remains of Tigger  the cat while digging a vegetable patch.
We hope that this helps you when your viewing properties again.