Vultures live longer!

Published: 15/01/2020 By Allan Fuller

Well a humanoid version, the Culture Vulture apparently does according to a recent study carried out by UCL, (University College London.)
 They studied people over the age of 50 who  go to the theatre, museums, concerts, or exhibitions every few months and have concluded that this cut stheir risk of a premature death by 31pc. Even those who went as little as once a year had a 14pc reduced risk of dying in the following 14 years compared to those who didn’t engage with the arts at all.

  The effect is still present even when factors such as marital status, employment, wealth, education and friendship groups are taken into account, which leads to two plausible conclusions: it is the actual engagement with the arts that promotes longer life, rather than the social benefits; and/or healthier people have more access to the arts.

 So no excuse now not to get along to all the local cultural opportunities Putney has to offer, Putney Arts Theatre, live music at The Half Moon and there is always something happening at Putney Library, or why not  try a course at Putney School of Art & Design?