To Invest or Not To Invest

Published: 09/09/2020 By Allan Fuller

Is now the time to invest in Property?
Not such a daft question as virtually no form of investing can give much of a return at the moment, in fact when weighed against inflation cash left in a bank is going down in value!

As an example a two bedroom flat in Putney at £450,000 + stamp duty and legal as well as some decoration/updating to be generous lest say it has cost £475,000. When let the rent is £1,600 pcm, which equates to £16,000.00 p.a. after agents and a few incidental costs. That is a return of 3.337%
We appreciate that like any rom of investment the value of the investment can go up as well as down, whenever property values have in the past reduced they have after a period increased, that can never be guaranteed, but the same applies to most other forms of investment.

You must bear in mind that your personal tax situation will impact on the nett income, just as if and when the property is sold it would be subject to whatever tax is prevailing at that time.

If you would like information on properties suitable for renting out please contact our sales team.
Our advice is for general guidance, therefore not to be relied upon and you should get independent advice before embarking on any sort of investment.