Vital Tip to Finding Your Dream Home

Published: 03/02/2023 By Allan Fuller

Is there one simple thing you can do to help yourself to find your dream home? 
One vital tip that can be absolutely invaluable is to visit the estate agents in the area where you want to live. 

The point being that virtually everyone looks on the various property portals, books viewings online, possibly phones but very seldom goes to an agent’s office.
However, nothing can ever beat  going into an estate agent’s office, sit down with a sales negotiator, show you are a real and friendly person, and crucially your ability to purchase. For example, stress that having finance readily available or mortgage agreed in principal, explain your requirements, ask if they are realistic, and find out more about what they have for sale. You can also ask what similar properties they may have recently sold.

By making this impression you are far more likely to get an early phone call when they expect to get instructed on the ideal property because they have actually met you, discussed in detail what you want and know that you are genuine and keen to buy.