Security Checklist

Published: 05/10/2021 By Allan Fuller

It’s vital to leave your home secure whenever you leave it. Getting into an ‘exit routine’ can help ensure that you don’t forget obvious, important things, like not leaving your valuables near windows, or no lights on if it will be dark before you get home. Here’s what you should do just before you go out.

Become a creature of habit. Try to get into the habit of following your own course of action when you lock up your home. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Checklist for Securing Your Home When You Leave It.  

Here are things that the Metropolitan Police recommend you do before you go out:

  • close and lock all your doors and windows, even if you’re only going out for a few minutes
  • double-lock  doors ( if you don’t and there is a break in your insurance may not cover you)
  • make sure that any valuables are out of sight
  • keep handbags away from the letterbox or cat flap and hide all keys including car keys, as a thief could hook keys or valuables through even a small opening
  • never leave car documents or ID in obvious places such as kitchens or hallways
  • in the evening, shut the curtains and leave lights on
  • if you’re out all day, then it’s advisable to use a timer device to automatically turn lights and a radio on at night
  • set your burglar alarm
  • If you have a side gate make sure it is securely locked
  • Securely lock your shed or garage, they often have tools useful for breaking into a property.
  • lock your bike inside a secure shed or garage, to a robust fitting bolted to the ground or wall, like a ground anchor
  • If you are going away be careful what you post on social media, best not to advertise and empty home to the world..
  • Keep all personal papers, passports etc in a very secure hidden place, best is  to get a home safe
  • If you live in a flat never let anyone into the building that you don’t know, someone say they are rom another flat and forgot their key must be well known to you before you take a risk.