Brand New Arts & Community Centre

Published: 06/01/2022 By Allan Fuller

The brand new centre has been built in and around the previously disused Clancarty Lodge in South Park, Fulham.

It will provide a new community resource to replace the former centre in Broughton Road.

It was built at no cost to local taxpayers after H&F Council and local residents worked together to secure funding from Thames Tideway and Chelsea FC. It forms part of Hammersmith and Fulham’s strategy  which aims to give more residents from a wider range of backgrounds the opportunity to experience and participate in cultural activities.

“This beautiful new centre will enhance people’s wellbeing across Sands End and south Fulham,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy and the Arts. “It will be set up to ensure that it is truly for people of all backgrounds, and that residents are in the driving seat at the new community space in H&F.”

The new centre will be run by local people for local people, with facilities chosen according to what local people want. A community trust comprised of local people will be established to run and operate the Sands End Arts and Community Centre.

Local resident Tim Prager, who sits on the Residents Delivery Group for the centre, said: “This will be a meeting place, a hub of activity across languages, cultures and economic background, a venue for creative expression, a flexible space which encourages the community to be flexible in its use. “Perhaps most importantly, it will be what the broader Sands End community want it to be. Today and for decades to come.”

The site had been derelict for years. In December 2017, the council approved plans for the lodge to be refurbished and incorporated into a brand new state-of-the-art building which will provide a range of bright, welcoming spaces for residents to use.