Renters Reform Update

Published: 06/01/2024 By Allan Fuller

The much-heralded Renters Reform Bill was projected by the government to have been law by now.  

It seems that they have now realised that changes are more complex that they envisaged. Removing section 21 would have left a large hole as courts could not cope with a large increase in Section 8 cases. Considerable amendments have been made, and more may follow, much rethinking is apparently happening in the corridors of power. 

A third reading of the bill has to happen at some point in 2024. Up to then you can, via your M.P., make representation of you views. After the third reading then it goes to the House of Lords for them to digest, debate and vote.

Provisions for adopting the Decent Homes Standard in the private rented to deal with rouge landlords are much needed and are bound to feature, with local authorities given enforcement powers.  Discrimination against benefit claimants or tenants with children will be illegal.
This will be a flagship policy of the government and an area where there is a need to show reform before an election. We will keep you advised of progress.