Putney: At the Heart of London Rowing

Published: 05/02/2020 By Allan Fuller

Putney: At the Heart of London Rowing

Putney is unique as a centre for rowing, hosting the three Head of the River Races as well as the annual Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race. Phil Evison,  Caroline Whitehead and Lynn Piercy will take a look at the history of Putney's riverside, the Boathouses and the development of rowing - not forgetting the vibrant life of the Embankment today - on Monday 24 February at 7.30pm. Community Church, Werter Road SW15 2LL For those of you inspired to go and see the action after this exploration of our rowing history, the relevant dates for upcoming
events are: 

● Women’s Head of the River – 7 March
from Mortlake, start time 14.30
● Schools’ Head of the River - 18 March
from Mortlake, start time 12 noon
● Men’s Head of the River – 21 March
from Mortlake, start time 14.45
● The Boat Race – 29 March , Women’s

Race at 15.44 and Men’s Race at 16.44

And more about activities on and beside the Thames - Meet the Mudlarkers At low tide Thames mudlarks Florence Evans and Monika Buttling Smith hunt through the trash and treasure that the tide has revealed. Find out what they find at their talk on 27th February for the Friends of Putney Library.

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