Putney Novel - The Lodgers

Published: 07/10/2023 By Allan Fuller

The Thrush family aren't what you'd call 'normal' and they live in Putney ...

Harassed, self-absorbed penny pinchers Mum (Daphne) and Dad (Henry) try to make do by taking in student lodgers.
 Along with their three hapless children (one trapped in infinite babyhood), they inhabit a world where nothing is quite as it seems. Smatterings of menace and absurdity sabotage any glimpses of normality.
 When the grandmother disappears and the police open an investigation, their fractured lives turn sinister. Has Granny merely seized an opportunity to flee? Or is there a more ominous explanation for her disappearance?
 With two murders... an unexpected pregnancy... a bizarre French holiday... and a plethora of peculiar lodgers, what happens to this odd but strangely endearing family, teases expectation and takes you by surprise.

The Lodgers: a novel by A.M. Bauld

“Addictive, dark, unconventional; everything a black comedy needs.” - Alcina Press
 The Lodgers, set in Putney at the turn of the century and written by composer and author A. M. Bauld (www.alisonbauld.com) a resident of Putney is available now on Amazon.
 Her first novel Mozart’s Sister, the forgotten sister of a musical genius, was published to wide acclaim.