Putney Church Affirms Same-sex Marriage

Published: 04/03/2022 By Allan Fuller

At a special Church Council meeting on Sunday, 6 February, Putney Methodist Church took the historic decision to register its building for the celebration of same-sex marriages.

The decision was taken unanimously after what was described as prayerful consideration, and an honest and open discussion. The church will become the first place of worship in Putney to register for such marriages.

The discussion followed the Methodist Church of Great Britain’s decision last year to adopt the recommendations of the God in Love Unites Us Report. This report examined all aspects of relationships, including same-sex marriage and cohabitation. It considered how Christians could live faithfully in all relationships, and reflected on developments in the law of the land and changes in understanding on many issues.

The minister of the church, Rev’d Geoffrey Farrar, who was a member of the group that produced the report, said, “This is a very important decision in the 150 year history of our church here in Putney. We have been considering these issues nationally for decades and it has often produced great hurt and division. The discussion we had here, though, was a deeply moving one, and people spoke with great honesty and courage from their own experiences. Many of those who spoke wished to affirm all those who have worshipped with us over the years and to offer a true welcome to every member of our community here in Putney. I was delighted that we were able to make the decision unanimously and so harmoniously.”

The church will now formally register the building for same-sex marriages with Wandsworth Council. Anyone who wishes to be married in the building is invited to contact the church via its website.