Property Portals

Published: 04/07/2022 By Allan Fuller

What can you believe on Property Portals? 

No longer will you be frustrated with properties marketed by agents with ‘Price on application’, always a daft idea in our opinion, maybe it was done to get people to just get in touch or to gain more calls, but really pointless.
Also a property's council tax band or rate and the property price and tenure information (for sales) must now  be included on all property listings. These changes represent the first phase of a project by the National Trading Standards Estate and Letting 
 Agency Team, in partnership with industry leaders and the UK’s major property portal  to define what constitutes material information for property listings.
           While we are on the subject other frustrations you will not find with us, is keeping properties listed for sale that were actually sold weeks, or even months ago. Agents do this to increase their profile, and gain more contacts.  When you see our properties listed for sale they really are for sale.  If we have agreed a sale it will say Under Offer. 
With letting listings there also seems to be a practice of ‘double listing’ this is two different periods, one long letting, the other for short letting, we have heard of stories when this has been done without the owners permission, again it unfairly raises the profile of the agent.  We do sometimes have short lets, and if you see one it is for real!