Block of Flats Built in 6 Weeks

Published: 01/11/2020 By Allan Fuller

Architecture studio FAR, has built a six-story housing block in Berlin from precast concrete slabs.

Named Wohnregal, the warehouse-style block was constructed form prefabricated concrete elements, with pillars and beams that support slabs to create the potential for wide-open rooms. There are no structural internal walls. Units vary from 35 to 110 square metres, facing east or west or, for some of the larger ones, both. Sunrises and sunsets are visible from the corner balconies of each unit.

"Prefabrication in housing has been a century-long story of optimization, and has had a continuous up and down of promises stated and promises broken," said FAR.

"Wohnregal re-appropriates the DNA of the prefabricated warehouse, which has taken the approach of optimization to its absolute limits while exploiting that very economy. It also reinterprets its structural openness to introduce a discourse that has been strangely absent in the focus on prefabrication: the complexity and variety of inhabitation."