Pre-Loved & Vintage Clothes Sale

Published: 03/02/2024 By Allan Fuller

Putney Arts Theatre Pre-Loved & Vintage Clothes Sale
Sunday, 11th February, 1-4pm  

Over the years we have accumulated many beautiful items of clothing to use for our productions, but sadly we no longer have the space in the theatre to store them.

In order to raise money for our Let There Be Light! Fundraising Campaign, we've had a huge clear out and are throwing open the theatre doors on Sunday 11th February at 1pm, in the hope that all these items will find new homes!

Along with many brand new items we also have some beautiful vintage items and a host of accessories.  So do come down, support our fundraising campaign and bag yourself a bargain!

Cards & cash accepted.

Putney Arts Theatre is facing a serious challenge - our ability to light our productions in the near future is under threat.

The ability to source tungsten lamps (bulbs) for use in stage lighting fixtures is proving to be a growing and therefore significant problem. Many performance venues are competing to get hold of the remaining and increasingly scarce stocks of tungsten stage lamps. And this competitive situation will only get worse over time (eventually it will be impossible to purchase tungsten lamps anywhere) as professional venues continue to replace as quickly as they can their tungsten lamps and fixtures for LED versions.

There is an urgent need to replace the real workhorses on the main stage – those which are in use for every show, presentation, and event.  This would also have the following benefits.  The change to our LED rig would result in:

1) 65-70% reduction in energy usage.
2) The ability to light in any colour at any time giving much more scope to offer a wide range of 'looks' to any production. 
3) No lamps (bulbs) to replace - the average life of a tungsten lamp is around 150 hours, while the average life of an LED light is around 50,000 hours.
4) No colour gel costs.
5) Greater likelihood to attract new technical talent.

Our specific immediate requirements are to source 22 new LED lights that will cost just over £35,000. Thanks to the generosity of  our members from PTC, G64 and our audience members, we have managed to raise over £10K - but we still have a way to go!

If you are unable to come to the pre-love and vintage clothes sale, but would like to make a donation, please click here.