Pet Clause

Published: 12/05/2021 By Allan Fuller

The government has indicated that it will be making it a legal right for tenants to keep a pet. This has come about because of a vast increase in people having pets during the lockdowns, and a majority of landlords insisting on a no pet clause. 

This for flats is usually because in the landlords lease there is a no pets clause, so if the government are serious about this legislation will have to be constructed so that the lease is overridden.
Here we are all pet lovers, but we can empathise with situations where  for example an noisy dog can cause considerable disturbance, or a pet damages a property, but the contra opinion may well prevail that other rules cover such situations.
We will be watching this carefully, there may be claws for thought, and we do not want a catastrophe, dogged determination may however prevail.