Not Such a Rubbish Idea

Published: 10/04/2021 By Allan Fuller

From Monday, 22 March, residents who wish to use the Western Riverside Waste Authority’s Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre in a car, or on a motorcycle, must have booked a slot before they arrive at the Centre. You don’t need to book if you’re on foot or bicycle.

The booking system has a six-month trial which aims to reduce problems with queueing in the area around the centre particularly on weekends and Bank Holidays.

By controlling the times that the Centre is used, staff believe they can redistribute visits which will reduce the peak usage, thereby decreasing queues and lessening the impact on the local community.
The booking system will also ensure that usage of the Centre is limited to only residents of the four London Boroughs who use the site, a potential saving to council taxpayers of over £100,000 per year.

The centres serve residents of five local councils - Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Westminster.

Only the driver is permitted to leave the vehicle – if you have a passenger with you to help you, you must inform a Recycling Advisor first, before they leave the vehicle.

It will be possible for those that are not online to make a telephone booking by contacting Wandsworth Council on 020 8871 8558.