Mould in Homes

Published: 02/12/2022 By Allan Fuller

Mould  in homes is often prevalent in winter. 

The recent horrendous story of a little boy, Awaab Ishak, who lost his life because of chronic mould shortly after his second birthday in December 2020 has shocked the nation.  His home on an estate in Rochdale, was exposed to extensive mould for some considerable time.  

This will be, a defining moment for the housing sector in terms of increasing knowledge, awareness, and a deeper  understanding surrounding the causes  of damp and mould.

The common misconception is that mould is caused by damp penetration from outside, but it is actually generated internally!  Our recent blog post on this subject can be read here

There is a vast amount of information available on line, and we have compiled a guide explaining the causes and methods of prevention of mould if you would like a copy please email us;