Moth Eaten!

Published: 01/12/2020 By Allan Fuller

Who's been eating my jumpers? 

This is the time of year that we dig out our favourite thick winter jumpers. Just one problem, chances are that instead of a lovely comfortable garment just perfect for you, someone, or something else seems to have had the same idea. They have left their evidence by leaving a variety of holes. Often they are very selective, they had a particular penchant for the most expensive cashmere items! 

Of course the culprits are moths. Quietly happily munching away undisturbed all summer long, and winter too if left undisturbed. We also see properties with carpets that have bare patches where moths have completely eaten away the tread. It is in fact a wonderful example of how the natural cycle of nature works. Breaking down animal material that had been discarded, or demised creatures, such as feathers, and animal fur. We just do not want moths doing it in our homes. 

Regular checks of carpet areas that are hidden, such as under sofas and armchairs are recommended, keeping clothes in sealed plastic bags is also a solution, but not if the little grubs are in the garment when you put it in. it is the grubs that do the eating, not the moths when they have pupated and fly around. There are a plethora of treatments available, old traditional methods are lavender, soap, and cedar wood, besides that there are a vast range of products but make sure you read the instructions carefully.