Morgan For Life

Published: 30/04/2019 By Allan Fuller

The Morgan Lifestyle

A visit to the Morgan Factory is a must for any Morgan owner as well as anyone with an interest in these wonderful cars. The uninitiated might think that they are an anachronism. My recent visit with a group from the Brooklands Society proved that this is a completely wrong assumption.

In fact they are a wonderful blend of real craftsmanship and cutting edge technology.

Our tour began with a short film and our excellent tour guides giving an update on the company and the recent change of ownership. We then split into two groups to be taken around the factory.

At the top of the factory with the historic collection, then down through the  workshops with each one dedicated to a different stage of production. The factory is on a hill, so as construction progresses each car is rolled internally down a passage between each  unit to the next. This is the Morgan production line!

While were there the all new Morgan Plus 6 was getting into full production. There is much excitement about this model. 99% of which is completely new. The chassis and parts of the substructure are  state of the  art bonded aluminium, rivets hold the sheets while the bonding process  is setting, once set it is so strong the bolts could in fact be  removed.

There is still plenty of Ash wood used though for the frame of the car all formed and honed to perfection, as visitors we were invited to select offcuts of the ash, perfect for displaying your Morgan Model on!

The forming of the aluminium body still relies on artisan craftsmanship as we saw  bonnets being expertly shaped and timber honed to perfection.

As we progressed gradually the cars are being formed into the finished article,  For the new owner of a Morgan the joy must be a factory visit and choosing the colour, finish and interior of your individual car.

Morgan laid on a superb buffet in their cafeteria as we chatted about all that we had seen, interspersed with  visits to the historic collection of  cars, three wheelers and memorabilia and then excellent gift shop.