May QUIZ: Answer!

Published: 31/05/2023 By Allan Fuller

May's quiz questions were:

1) What nickname is given to the Central Criminal Court? 
2) What is the name of the statue atop the building? 

1. The Old Bailey 
2. Lady of Justice

The Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, commonly referred to as the Old Bailey after the street on which it stands, is a criminal court building in central London, one of several that house the Crown Court of England and Wales. The street outside follows the route of the ancient wall around the City of London, which was part of the fortification's bailey, hence the metonymic name.

On the dome above the court stands the court's symbolic gilt bronze statue of Lady Justice by sculptor F. W. Pomeroy (made 1905–1906). She holds a sword in her right hand and the scales of justice in her left. The statue is popularly supposed to show blind Justice, but the figure is not blindfolded: the courthouse brochures explain that this is because Lady Justice was originally not blindfolded, and because her "maidenly form" is supposed to guarantee her impartiality which renders the blindfold redundant.

Quiz winner 
Congratulations to Georgina Houghton-Zeenny, whose name was picked out of the hat to win May's Quiz - please email to arrange the means of receiving your bottles of champagne!