March QUIZ: Answer!

Published: 03/04/2020 By Allan Fuller

All London black cab taxi drivers must have a thorough knowledge of London. This is why taxi drivers have to learn and pass the world-famous ‘Knowledge’
The Knowledge was introduced as a requirement for taxi drivers in 1865. London's taxi service is the best in the world, in part because our cab drivers know the quickest routes through London's complicated road network. There are thousands of streets and landmarks within a six mile radius of Charing Cross. Anyone who wants to drive an iconic London cab must memorize them all and past tests to prove that they have the Knowledge of London. It can take up to 2 years to become fully proficient.  You will often see people on a moped with a clipboard on the handlebars, they are learning the knowledge. We may all be apt to use the alternative services that can be called up on line, however the drivers largely rely on Satnav. Quite often a black cab driver will get you to your destination quicker, because they know the fastest route through the back doubles, thereby could well cost you less!

This months winner 

Congratulations to  Mr Ferdi Van Huffell  on this months QUIZ - Your bottle of Champagne will be waiting for your collection!!