The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

Published: 09/06/2022 By Allan Fuller

This proposed, and much proclaimed new Act of Parliament is full  of ideas, and sets out a whole raft of plans to create a fairer society with greater public participation. 

All noble words, but how it will work in reality, and weather it is removing rafts of bureaucracy, or create greater confusion and cost? We will have to find out more detail before we can judge.
One aspect that could affect all property owners is the new ‘street vote’ powers, allowing residents on a street to bring forward proposals to extend or redevelop their properties in line with their design preferences.
Where prescribed development rules and other statutory requirements are met, the proposals would then be put to a referendum of residents on the street, to determine if they should be given planning permission. A sort of Power to the People, this could stop someone sort of incongruous monster extension or loft conversion, which seems perfectly reasonable.

What it might be however, could be an opportunity for neighbours to object without good reason, sometimes a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to any form of change.
The devil, as they say, will be in the details but sometimes the best of intentions can have unforeseen consequences