Lettings news

Published: 08/07/2020 By Cathy Sinnott

Anyone remember the words to that song. “June is busting out all over. “Well that’s very apt for us, having reported to you all last month about the level of activity we had in May, I am delighted to share with all our clients and neighbours, the fact that we have had the best June on record with 27 deals agreed! 

 This is a phenomenal number of lets and is due to our success rate in bringing new properties on and retaining all valued clients that we have built up since 1983, a fact that we are truly proud of. 

Using Rightmove.co.uk data, we have still let more properties in the whole of Putney, than any other agent that’s an amazing 81 lets so far!  To keep finding the right home for the considerable number of people coming to us for a new property to rent if you are thinking of having your property valued to let, either now, or in the near future, I would be delighted to come and see you.  

Our ethos of giving honest valuations which in turn, leads to great results, has never been more prudent.  I welcome hearing from you and to all those potential new clients, look forward to renting your home too!