Lettings news

Published: 05/08/2020 By Cathy Sinnott

Despite the continuing restrictions in place across the country, due to Covid19, we are still nice and busy here at Allan Fuller, Putney. 
 However, I have noticed that supply has certainly increased.. and the high levels of demand that we experienced in June, have decreased a little… to that end, Landlords are needing to be sensible with pricing and I have recommended certain price reductions, so that some stock is not left with a void period, especially if we have sourced an excellent new tenant with good full time employment.  
It’s a sad fact, that many of those whom may have been furloughed at the commencement of Covid19, may now not be re-employed and therefore many properties where tenants have been in situ for the longer term, are finding that with less income and/or loss of employment, they are having to downsize further, or indeed go back home to family for the moment.  Having said that, we have let some gorgeous properties this July and I am very proud to further report, as I did in June, that my team and I here for Lettings, are still (according to Rightmove.co.uk data), 1st in the whole of Putney for Lets Agreed Year to Date, that’s some achievement!