June Market Update

Published: 30/05/2019 By Allan Fuller

May is over; the promise that spring brings, has now faded. Summer drought mixed with storms beckon. If only that was just the weather forecast. Unfortunately it seems that just when you think the Brexit situation cannot get any worse, suddenly we are plunged into more drama.

Fortunately from what we are seeing locally in property, people are ignoring the political mire are getting on with their lives. We have created sales both in the house and flats market and our rental department has been very busy creating new tenancies at close to record levels for May.

Much has changed at our office. The entire lower floor has been ripped apart and redesigned in a way that has created much more space and is a bright and very comfortable place to work aided by new air con, and will keep us cool no matter how hot it gets. Not only that, but a new kitchen and Loo complete the picture.

Just as there are now reports of estate agents cutting back and closing, we are expanding our teams because our business is expanding. Details of one of our new recruits just below: