Jubilee QUIZ: Answers!

Published: 05/07/2022 By Allan Fuller

June's Jubilee Quiz consisted of 7 questions 
giving the lucky winner an opportunity to win up to 7 bottles of champagne! 

Jubilee Quiz Questions and Answers: 

1)  Where did the Queen's coronation take place? And in which year?  
A:  The Westminster Abbey in 1953 on 2nd June
2)  In which year was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee – marking 25 years on the throne?  
A:  The Silver Jubilee was in 1977
3)  In 1992, a fire wrecked part of which of the Queen’s homes?  
A:  Windsor Castle
4)  The Queen has held regular meetings with over a dozen British prime ministers, but who was her first PM?  
A:  Winston Churchill
5)  The Queen is fluent in which foreign language?  
A: French
6)  What was the name of the royal yacht which was decommissioned in 1997? 
A:  HMY Britannia
7)  The day before Good Friday the British monarch distributes small silver coins known as what? 
A:  Maundy Money (aka Royal Maundy)

Quiz winner 
Congratulations to Caroline Underwood, whose name was picked out of the hat to win June's Jubilee QUIZ - please email info@allanfuller.co.uk to arrange the means of receiving your bottles of champagne!