Hi-tech Rickshaw Across Hammersmith Bridge

Published: 29/10/2021 By Allan Fuller

City Shuffle service will be operating on Hammersmith Bridge next month. 

The futuristic vehicle has a huge number of features including air conditioning, WiFi, mirrors, and USB plugs. The speedy taxi will ferry Londoners at speeds of 15mph across the pedestrianised Hammersmith Bridge and take them to Hammersmith Station.

Inventor Keith Jones explained, “I designed it three years ago but I had to shelve the idea because there were no customers due to the lockdown. “I went down to Barnes and they said to me ‘this is our lifesaver’. “It can take people down to the hospital, on the school run or provide door to door services.”
The 134-year-old cast-iron Hammersmith Bridge has been closed to traffic for two years. The bridge was reopened to pedestrians, cyclists and river traffic on 17 July with a temporary cooling system in place to prevent further damage to the bridge. Works on the bridge could be finished within the next year thanks to an innovative new building solution.

In the meantime, Keith’s vehicle will take people across the bridge to nearby hospitals or to nearby attractions. An Uber-like booking system will be in place so that passengers can book the taxi online from the comfort of their own homes.

At first Keith wanted to create a cargo bike but the inventor discovered Swiss designs for a carrier bike and came up with the idea for the City Shuffle. The design will have space to hold two passengers and there will be plenty of space inside as six-foot-nine Keith has designed the vehicle to be able to hold two Londoners of his size. 

If the pilot scheme is successful at Hammersmith Bridge the Essex man hopes it can be rolled out across London at other key locations.