Granny Takes a Trip (sort of)

Published: 11/05/2021 By Allan Fuller

Older readers may remember Pink Floyds album, or a shop in Kinga road bot called Granny takes a trip but this is a real 98 year old Putney  Granny, with a big ambition and whilst she may not be leaving her home she is certainly going a long way

Diana O'Flynn 'no ordinary grandmother'

A 98-year-old grandmother from West Hill is undertaking an indoor sponsored cycle ride challenge in support of the homelessness charity that was set up by her great-grandmother in 1887.Diana’s aim is to cycle for at least half an hour every day until 30 June. She started on Monday, 12 April 12 and her 80-day challenge can be followed on Instagram: @aroundthesittingroomin80days.

Diana O’Flynn is planning to use the static bike in her home for 80 consecutive days, ‘Around the Sitting Room in 80 Days’, in support of homelessness charity WLM (West London Mission). WLM was set up by Diana’s great grandmother Katherine Price Hughes back in 1887, so she wishes to honour her work by fundraising for the charity.

Diana’s granddaughter, Jovie McMillan, explained, “During lockdown, my grandmother asked me to purchase her an exercise bike... not an ordinary request, but this is no ordinary grandmother. She was used to daily walks and adventures and found the change of pace difficult to adjust to. Those who know her will not be surprised by this. She was always off doing something and usually raising money for charity along the way.

"This is a woman who finds it difficult to stay still. She asked me if there was any way of her doing a sponsored ‘bike ride’. So here we are folks, an incredible 98-year-old lady would like you to sponsor her as she cycles on the spot! Frankly doing anything close to this at 98 is a feat all by itself and deserves a few pennies.”

WLM has been a vehicle for change since 1887. The charity’s diverse services help affected by homelessness, poverty and trauma to make positive changes in their lives.
One of WLM’s six services is the WLM Kathrine Price Hughes (KPH) service, a 24-hour/7 day-a-week Independent Approved Premise with capacity to house 20 ex-offenders leaving prison.

You can support Diana via her Go Fund Me page. All donations go directly to WLM.