Forget The Air Fryer

Published: 03/02/2024 By Allan Fuller

Netherlands-based designer Kyran Knauf has created a tabletop device that allows users to breed and harvest crickets as an alternative protein source. 

Called Crikorama, the machine can host a continuous cycle of approximately 30 crickets through their lifecycles before they are harvested and eaten as a "sustainable" replacement for meat.

According to Kyran "It's a bit of the 'farm to fork' idea where individuals buy or produce their food at home.  And the reason why crickets is that they're super-efficient in transforming feed into protein."

The approach would reduce the environmental impact of meat production.

A bright orange drawer at the base of the machine is for harvesting and storing adult crickets, which can be held in the freezer before being eaten.

"The whole idea is that the machine is something fun to have at home," said Knauf. "It's a bit like those old espresso machines made of metal. They make a statement in the kitchen. If you love or hate coffee, they all look great."

The designer explained caring for the crickets is "easy" and would require about ten minutes weekly, as they only need to be fed and given water.