Published: 04/03/2022 By Allan Fuller

Like at lot of things in life we assume 'it cannot happen to me.’ This was brought home to me last weekend in a very dramatic way. 

 I was staying in the Isle of Wight with my brother, returning from a supermarket shop I heard sirens behind me, I pulled over and a fire engine raced past. It stopped in his road and blocked it, I could see clouds of smoke rising rapidly from a neighbour’s house. 

 Apparently, a fire had started in a shed next to the house and very rapidly spread to the roof, the couple in the house did not realise until neighbours knocked on the door. The entire roof became engulfed by the fire, the house is wrecked and will take many months, apparently upwards of a year, to be either restored or demolished and rebuilt.

 We had to stay indoors will all windows closed as the smoke drifted past my brother’s house. The next day, outside the acrid smell of the fire hung in the air. Apparently, the fire service was there for over seven hours ensuring the fire was out with no smouldering pockets.

 The next day an officer from the fire service called at my brother’s house checking that we were ok and offering to give a full fire safety check.
Fire is devastating. I suggest you take a look at; The advice available could not only save your home, but it could also save your life.
N.B. out of respect for the owners of the house, the illustration is not of their house, but an image provided by an on line service; it does represent a close image to what was left of the house.