Festive Competition

Published: 22/01/2021 By Allan Fuller

We had an overwhelming response to the competition. 

The illustrations clockwise from top left were A. East Putney Station, B. Cricket on Putney Heath, C. Putney Pier, D. Putney Bridge. 

It has taken us a while to sift through the entries and reach a consensus of the winners, they are: 

1st Prize - Jane 0. for;

From rolling Thames to verdant Heath
Putney shines through every leaf
Fast trains, good schools and lots of space, You’ll never find a better place! 

2nd Prize - Sophie M. for;

U rban
T antalising
N eighbourhood
E veryone
Y earns for .....

When it came to third prize we had a dead heat, so rather than toss a coin we chose two!

3rd Prize

Mike R. for;
I love Putney because it is a little bit of the city with a country feel!

and Anna K. for;
Putney is the perfect cocktail! Balanced in flavour with so much to do in the area, parks, restaurants and clubs, shopping and much more! 

Thank you to everyone else, and look out for this year’s competition in December, it might just be your turn to win!