Exotic Bird Escapes to Putney

Published: 31/03/2022 By Allan Fuller

An exotic bird that had flown away from London Zoo has been spotted in Putney this Thursday (24 March)

The Crested Caracara had been tracked across London after leaving Regent’s Park on Tuesday and been spotted in Ealing and Richmond. The bird, named Jester, which is a variety of falcon native to America, landed in the grounds of The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. London Zoo was called, and a zookeeper came out but was unsuccessful in his attempt to recapture her.
A spokesperson for The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability said “She was walking up and down one of our paths and across the lawn when we spotted her. “She didn’t seem at all bothered about people coming close to have a look or photograph her. “One of our staff informed the ZSL when they were forwarded a link to an article on the escaped Jester.” They continued, “She then perched up onto a tree and when the ZSL member arrived. He said her favourite food is snails and that she looked pretty full so he wasn’t convinced she’d be ready to come back to the zoo yet.”

Crested Caracaras are do not present any danger to the public according to the ZSL. A spokesperson for the zoo said as of Friday Jester was still on the loose and her brother Joker is missing her.