Energy Saving Tips

Published: 02/12/2022 By Allan Fuller

We are all looking at the most cost-effective ways to keep warm this winter. 

According to experts at the Energy Saving Trust having heating on all day in the long run is less efficient, and more costly than setting  the timer for  when you most need the heat. 

Another piece of their advice is to heat only the rooms you use, again this is likely to reduce your bills. Often radiators will have thermostats, so you can set for different temperatures in each room. 

One vital point is to make sure that you have a frost setting just in case temperatures drop very low so that any chance of frozen pipes is mitigated. 

  • Radiators can get air trapped, reducing their efficiency, this often happens with some towel rads, use a Radiator Key to release the air, if you do not know how ro do this you must first find instructions online.
  • Foil fixed to the wall behind a radiator will increase thermal efficiency.
  • You can fit window insulation kits with film from DIY outlets or online for windows that are not double glazed.
  • Make sure radiators are not blocked by furniture or other items in front of them 
  • Get energy-saving light bulbs. They last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs and use around 80% less energy. 
  • Turn lights off when you leave a room.
  • Washing machines are mainly just as efficient at 30 degrees, that’s a big saving over high temperatures, most of the cost of use in heating the water and wait until you have a full load before putting a wash on.
  • Don’t overload your tumble dryer.