Ditch Character for Practicality?

Published: 03/02/2023 By Allan Fuller

Property seekers: Is it time to ditch ‘character’ for practicality? 

Could we see a move away from people wanting ‘character’ properties? Hikes in energy prices mean these, often, cold homes will be very expensive to heat.

Our view is that the appeal of homes with that desirable quality of character and history will not fade. With the need for better insulation and lower running costs, there is a vast amount of information now online and on many of the home modernisation and interiors programs, both online and T.V.

Our advice is do your homework, if you are planning major work to a property, seek out surveyors and architects who have Eco-credentials. If you just want to improve the insulation, then seek the companies that have excellent reviews and don’t be afraid to ask to see properties that they have worked on. 

Here are a few of the things that can be done to save energy and money! These are just a small sample:

  • Check your loft insulation, if you have none look at getting it done. If there is insulation in place, another layer could be advisable. You might even be able to get a grant to help make energy-saving improvements to your home. To see if you are eligible, take a look here.
  • If you have a listed building and cannot fit double glazing, investigate internal secondary glazing.
  • Turning down radiator valves in rooms you aren’t using, or use less, could save you up to £70 a year.
  • Install a Smart Meter and make the most of the apps that come with them. The apps will help you to track your energy usage and find the best ways to reduce and save money.
  • Use a clothes airer to dry clothes outside as the weather gets warmer, or inside with a window open for ventilation, as tumble dryers are one of the most energy-intensive devices in the home.
  • Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.
  • Use natural cleaning products, it is amazing what can be done with white vinegar and lemon or bicarbonate of soda, which are also much cheaper to buy, google it!
  • Start a compost heap, great for the garden!
  • Using a full dishwasher instead of forever washing up, if your machine has an Eco setting make sure you use it.
  • Washing clothes at a lower temperature could save you up to £40 a year. Modern washing machines can clean clothes effectively at lower temperatures. Changing from 40°C to 30°C means you could get 3 cycles instead of 2, using the same amount of energy.
  • Sales of door curtains are apparently up by 50% as people seek to block out draughts. Places such as John Lewis or Argos are good places to start looking for curtains or draught excluders to stop cold bursts of wind from external doors.