Calls for Changes to EPCs

Published: 04/05/2024 By Allan Fuller

Which? The consumer advice body has said recently that there needs to be a complete overhaul of Energy Performance Certificates. 

Which? says that with millions of households across the UK concerned about how to keep their homes warm in winter and worried about high energy bills, an EPC should be a valuable source of information; and as the UK nears its target to reach Net Zero in 2050, EPCs should be an important tool.

Yet Which? claims that a recent government survey showed that only 36% of the UK population know or have a sense of what their EPC rating is, and only 29% of those that were aware of their EPC said they had seen the section with advice on how to improve their rating.
“There is now considerable evidence that too many EPCs do not provide an accurate assessment of the energy efficiency of a home, the metrics that are used are confusing for consumers, and there is a need to provide new information that would support consumers in the decisions they need to make. The presentation of EPCs also needs to be improved to make them more accessible and useful to consumers” adds Which?

Their main findings are, EPCs should have more than one headline or primary metric, more information to support consumers in the transition from fossil fuel heating to new low carbon heating systems. An EPC should link to a Building Passport or Log Book. EPCs should be kept up to date by requiring that every property that is sold or let has an EPC that is less than five years old and introducing a simplified process for consumers to update their EPC when they have had insulation or heating work done by a certified installer.