Can You Help The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability?

Published: 04/05/2020 By Allan Fuller

Hospital Needing Help

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) on West Hill in Putney may be known to most living locally, but not so many know, firstly, that it is a charity separate from the NHS, and secondly quite what goes on behind its impressive frontage. 

The hospital deals with patients suffering severe brain injury which  could be from a variety of causes such as stroke or heard injury. They work in conjunction with the NHS, usually when a hospital has taken a person's recovery as far as they are able to they be sent to the RHN. 
The hospital serves to enhance the dignity,independance and quality of life for eachof the patients and residents who rely on the rehabilitation and care they provide.

Like all charities because of the Coronavirus lockdown cancellation of fund raising events has severely restricted funds, so any contribution however small would be extremely welcome. If a monetary contribution is not possible when restrictions are lifted volunteers are always very welcome. 

You can find out much more as well as how to donate or volunteer at;