Block Management

Published: 10/01/2023 By Allan Fuller

During 2021 our Block and Estate Management division grew by 30%. Given the number of new prospective clients that we are talking to this growth is set to continue. 

The principals we work by include regular inspections of the buildings that we look after, the team being all office based means they can react rapidly when required and our commitment to only have our office phone lines answered during our open hours by real people emphasises our commitment to providing a personal service. Outside of those times our 24/7 service is fully operational.

Usually the buildings that we take on have a myriad of issues that need resolving, that is why a new fresh approach is needed. The first weeks and months are a time of assessing what requires the most urgent attention and drawing up a plan of what should be scheduled into a 5 year plan. Increasing legislation affecting flats is making this aspect of property increasingly specialised. 

If you have a flat in a building where you feel it is not receiving the attention it deserves do please get in touch, we can keep your identity confidential if you prefer. Email; or call on 020 8785 2515.