Bank Gets Heritage Status

Published: 04/05/2023 By Allan Fuller

A bank that was built in 1897 is now a Grade II listed building for both its historical significance and architectural interest, but it has another claim to fame, it was the first bank in the world to be fitted with an ATM cash machine in June 1967.
Times are changing, banks are disappearing fast, as we have seen in Putney. Across the country, Barclays have closed nearly a thousand branches since 2015. Last September another report warned that more than 37,000 free-to-use ATM machines were at risk of closure.
The question now is how much longer we will be using cash as the growth of the use of cards and no carrying cash keeps growing? Nearly 60 years of getting cash from a hole in the wall was revolutionary. Perhaps soon the machines, and what they delivered, could be consigned to museums!