Allan Reminisces on his Lifetime in Property

Published: 04/09/2023 By Allan Fuller

With our 40-year anniversary due next month I have been reminiscing about my lifetime  in property. 

I set up my own business in 1983. However, my career in property went back considerably longer having started work in an estate agent’s office when I left school at 17. My role was defined as being an office Boy. Hardly a grand title, and in these times of equality not permissible now!

 Somewhat like jobs that were advertised in those days for a ‘Girl Friday’, this did not mean working just one day a week, but just someone, naturally a woman, to be at everyone’s beck and call in an office to carry out menial tasks. My tasks were, in order of importance, making tea, printing brochures of property for sale, sticking stamps on the post, and believe it or not, writing in a book the name of the person being written to and the cost of the stamp.

Property details that I printed were typed by the secretary on a manual typewriter producing a master stencil that was put onto a drum of a ‘Roneo’ wet printing machine, chances of getting the ink on hands and clothes was considerable.

There were about 6 offices in the company,  and each week a list containing information on  every property for sale was printed and sent to all the people we had listed looking to buy. The internet thankfully changed everything, saved dry cleaning bills and forests of trees.
Needless to say, I soon moved on to my first job as a negotiator, and that, as they say,  is a whole other story.