Allan's September Market Update

Published: 09/09/2020 By Allan Fuller

The Chancellors announcement of a reduction in stamp duty has given the market a major boost, but for buyers to get the advantage they will need to have a purchase agreed this year to stand any chance of a sale finalising before the March deadline due to the  sales process in England taking such a long time between agreeing a sale and it completing, on average it is 3 to 4 months. Despite all of technological advantages we have had this has not improved.

So our message has to be if you want to buy and get the advantage get cracking and get busy looking at property now!
Same applies for people putting their property on the market,  September is slipping by quickly, the nights are drawing in, soon the shops that are open will be festooned with Christmas decorations.

Whatever your property plans we can give you clear sensible advice, we never over estimate our pricing advice, we are a service business that has succeeded through some of the best and worst conditions, this year has been an ultimate test, we have actually agreed more lettings and sales so far that the same period last year. 

We have a strong commitment to all of out clients and customers. If you would like to talk to any of us about your plans we are always available, and you can call in any time for a social distancing chat and a fresh coffee.