Dont Get Lured!

Published: 01/10/2019 By Allan Fuller

Statistics  can often give a false picture. On property websites a high proportion of property  looks to have had a price reduction. The conclusion may be that values are dropping considerably, but this is not the case. Vendors are being lured into a trap by agents giving high figures because they are desperate for property. Very often they are under pressure to meet head office targets and get their bonus for the amount of property they take on.

 Then with the poor vendor signed up for a sole agency for 12 to 18 weeks the agent can keep chipping away at the price until it reaches the right level. Also what is often not realised  by owners is that there is a notice period of several weeks to end the contract.  
 Where the owner can lose out is that with a property which has been unsold for too long buyers tend to think there is something wrong with it, so possibly not achieving the right value when it does get sold because it has a stigma.

 As any consumers adviser will say, read a contract before you sign it!  
 We have always believed in telling the truth, that is why our strap-line says, ‘Honest Valuations’ with 35 plus years in Putney we know a thing or two  about selling in every market and how to get the best results  for our clients.

 We have  the ability to be very flexible, we can not only agree contract terms that work well for the client but even have a sliding scale of fees which give a greater control for the vendor.
 We work for our clients, not an anonymous head office.