Allan's March Market Update

Published: 04/03/2022 By Allan Fuller

Enquiries to our Block and Estate Management division continue to increase. We are amazed that so many directors of blocks are coming to us because of their dissatisfaction with the way their buildings are being managed. If this is your situation, do please get in touch, we can explain how our approach is different, holistic and caring not just for the building but also the very importantly the people in it.

Demand for flats and houses to rent is still very high, we do believe we are seeing rents beginning to stabilise. The sales market has been busy with a strong enquiry level from buyers. Our view is that predictions of continually rising prices this year are incorrect.

Rising inflation has been predicted by economists to slow, energy prices however are a factor hitting everyone, Interest rates will rise, however compared to historic levels will almost certainly be  very low.  Taking all of this into consideration values are unlikely to rise, more likely to be stable. Making it a calmer sale market and therefore an easier year to buy and sell.