Allan's June Market Update

Published: 03/06/2024 By Allan Fuller

Like us you are probably bored to the back teeth with the election. 

We are assailed form all sides, promises of jam tomorrow. Every election, promises are made of 300,000 new homes each year. It has not happened yet.

What is desperately required is a completely new approach, especially to the planning system. I say system, but often it seems there is no system. Of course, we do need controls of what can be built and where. The problem is that whatever development is proposed it can often take years to get all of the approval before one spade can be put in the ground.

I hope and pray that whoever wins next month will carry out a rapid review of how the entire system works and how it can be streamlined.

There is only one reason why property is so expensive to buy or rent, and it is simply lack of supply only when there is a vast increase in homes will this change and property become more affordable for all. Let’s hope that this time we see real action, and very soon.