Allan's July Market Update

Published: 01/07/2021 By Allan Fuller

The ending of the Stamp Duty ‘Holiday’ at the end of June brings to an end a major incentive to purchase a home that was introduced by Rishi Sunak in July last year, initially a purchase had to complete before the end of March this year. Due to a large number of transaction that would not meet this deadline it was extended to the end of June this year. 

It is well reported that the number of transactions taking place rose dramatically during the reductions. Interestingly even during June we have arranged sales that are completing in record time to get the reduction.

The big question is what happens next to property. Form what we are finding there is still a great interest in local property, houses that we have put on the market this month have attracted considerable interest and several with multiple offers from keen buyers. The need for more space and gardens is very apparent, created no doubt from people continuing to work fully, or partially from home, as well as a big interest in pet ownership.

Putney with its wide variety of open spaces being a very popular destination for pooches and their owners.