Allan's July Market Update

Published: 08/07/2020 By Allan Fuller

This year started well, sales were up, letting flying and there was a general fleeing of optimism. Little did we know then just how monumental the changes and the horror that was  coming. As we emerge from Lockdown and take all necessary precautions we are starting what has been described as a new normal.

As you can read in Cathy’s report in this newsletter our lettings are extremely busy and sales are catching them up.
It was natural that sales which had been agreed before lockdown were unable to progress until conditions eased and now most are getting close to completion. It is interesting that two deals that dropped out have been re-agreed, with new buyers very quickly one at a considerably higher price. So there are plenty of people who want, and need to buy property.

When we compare the first half of this year with the same period  last year it is natural that overall transactions are less, so what will be interesting from now on will be how the second half performs. I will keep on reporting, so watch thus space!