Allan's January Market Update

Published: 15/01/2020 By Allan Fuller

2020, a vision for the year ahead...

Last year the property market, especially in London and the South East, suffered from all of the political and EU uncertainty. Whatever your  views have been, now have a government with a majority, and certainty about Brexit. 
 Much of the economic future of the UK will depend on the result of trade negotiations. Hopefully deals that work for all sides will emerge this year.
There is no doubt that a large number of people have been putting their plans on hold, far less property was changing hands last year compared  to an average year. Already seen a considerable increase in  enquiries for all of the properties we have for sale. Many predictions are that property prices will increase this year.
 The government is promising changes to the laws relating to the private rental sector, rouge landlords need to be dealt with, but care should be taken to encourage the majority who are fair to tenants and look after their property. The PRS provides a vital role, legislation needs to be balanced or landlords will dispose of their property and reduce the amount of property available.
 This year will be nothing if not interesting!