Allan's February Market Update

Published: 02/02/2022 By Allan Fuller

We have got off to a flying start in January! Demand for all types of properties has been very strong with new lettings and sales for the month both comfortably beating targets.

The year ahead has many uncertainties, both internationally and economically, but the general expectation is that Covid will be less of a factor and restrictions will be considerably eased. More normal life is therefore likely to generate greater activity generally in the housing market.

One thing that is a permanent change generated by Covid is working from home, either all week or part of a week. We have noted a considerable increase in people moving so that they have more space to facilitate this. Our other expectation is that there will still be strong demand for gardens and outside space due to the increase in people having pets. 

The other aspect of gardens is more people growing their own vegetables and fruit, even a balcony can produce a useful crop. It might seem a little early but now is a great time to plan what you could  be growing this year!