Allan's December Market Update

Published: 03/12/2021 By Allan Fuller

This has been a tumultuous year in Putney property. 

Our sales have broken a few of our own records, mainly thanks to the Stamp Duty reduction a vast number of people were incentivised to move home. Homes with gardens were particularly popular, especially because of the increase in pet owning and the chance to be outdoors during the covid lockdowns. 

Homeworking also lead to a need for more space. During November the market slowed, and December is likely to be slow as is usually the case. Next year there are some uncertainties but Putney and our part of SW London is bound to be as popular a place to live as always.

When I set up my business, Putney’s excellent transport links, the river, abundance of nearby vast open spaces, good restaurants, pubs and bars plus a variety of shops made it a great place to live, and that has never changed!