Allan's December Market Update

Published: 04/12/2019 By Allan Fuller

With an election just days away, December is set to be a an interesting month, although we will be hearing about the result endlessly. With Christmas so soon after hopefully we can enjoy the season of goodwill even if that does not extend to politicians.
What interest us of course is what has been happening in property. Our lettings have been extremely active all year and November was no exception, it was rewarding for us was that we had one of our best months of 2019 for creating new sales. Despite all the doom in the media people are ignoring it and simply getting on with their lives. Certainly a large number of people are not watching the news, and plenty more have no interest in the TV debates. Why watch the participants all saying they are right and everyone else is wrong.
We are 20 years on from December 2019 when we were being told that we were facing some sort of Armageddon when planes would fall out of the sky, computers would not work and life as we know it would cease. Low and behold as we emerged on the 1st of January 2000 we were still here and suffering little more than a possible headache and everything working just as well as it had the day before.
I have to mention the B word, as that will predominate again once the dust settles after the election. The short extension granted though could well mean that a resolution really is close. Whatever happens for the property market with interest rates incredibly low, and looking to stay that way it seems highly likely that more people will be deciding to move home and buy property, there are excellent mortgage deals on offer and as property prices have softened 2020 could just be the right year to make a move.
Meantime may I wish all our readers a lovely Christmas and a Happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.