Allan's August Market Update

Published: 30/07/2023 By Allan Fuller

We are all used to tips on how to make your home more valuable, but well-intentioned things that you think will enhance its value and appeal could well produce the reverse effect! 

You may have some wacky ideas that looked good in a TV home interior show or magazine item, but in practice wild and way out does not appeal much. 

Dark décor spells disaster, size really does matters a lot when it comes to property, so making what you have seem smaller by having dark wall colouring is a major faux pas.

A design theme should progress through a property, big variations of décor and styles of furniture just create confusion. Wild colour choices might seem great fun, but most likely a big turn off for a buyer. Ditch the deep purple walls and dayglow orange ceiling. 

As for the revolving Disco mirrored ball acquired for Junior's 21st, it is best consigned to the nearest charity shop, they just might welcome it for their next fundraising event.
Yes, kitchens can be very stylish, but they are not just a fashion statement, they need to be practical and workable, with plenty of storage to reduce the clutter.
Bathrooms might seem non-contentious, wet rooms have become very fashionable, but most of us do occasionally like wallowing in a bath, perhaps with a glass of something bubbly and candlelight, so don’t ditch the bathtub, just have a shower as well.